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I've been taking my temperature for several months now. I'm not pregnant yet, but I had a change in my pattern this month: between D1 and D11 it fluctuated between 36.2 and 36.3, D12 and D13 = 36.5, D14 and D15 = 36.3,
D16 = 36.5, D17 36.8, D18 and D19 36.6, D20 and 21 36.5, D22 36.4 and finally D23 and 24 36.6.
I don't understand why my temperature has gone down, rather than up after ovulation this month, when every other month it has gone up as it should.
What does it mean? Could I be pregnant even though my temperature has gone down? Thanks!

Throw your thermometer away!
It can be very useful to keep en eye on your temperature for two or three months when you're trying to conceive, and show your doctor your graph so he has an idea of how your ovaries work. There's not really much point after two or three months though, as your doctor will have all the info he needs.
Ironically, it can also be a stress factor, which can play havoc with your ovulation, add to this that in a third of cases, temperature graphs don't give doctors the information they need and you will see that you are focussing on something which isn't worth the worry.
You need to be relaxed to conceive, try not to let it take your life over, try all the routes available to you, with the help of your doctor, but stay relaxed about it. The most important thing is to have as much sex as possible, when you are at your most fertile, which is between D10 and D16 of a 28-day cycle.
Pinning all your hopes on a temperature graph won't help at all, wait until your period is late and take a test.
Going back to your graph, it is a good sign if your temperature goes up after ovulation.

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