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Panic attacks

Hello, I have a huge problem. Since the age of thirteen, I've been having regular panic attacks, which my doctor has put down as palpitations. I'm sure they're panic attacks though, as my palms go sweaty, I feel anxious and I sometimes lose consciousness as well as having a racing heart. Maybe he doesn't see what I do, could I be imagining it? Can you shed any light on this? Thanks.

Nerves, stress and anxiousness can cause anxiety attacks like the ones you have described. Try relaxation technique like yoga, or meditation to help you overcome them, or ask your doctor to refer you to a psychologist, who will help you work out why you are suffering from the attacks. You may simply grow out of them, but they seem to have been going on for some time, so make an appointment straight away. They can be very frightening, but the mind has a great effect on the body and in most cases, relaxation techniques work very well.

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