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Where do babies come from?

What do we say to our little girl of four, who is very bright, when she asks her pregnant mummy where babies come from?

If you ahve already told her that her mum is going to have a baby then it is a natural question for her to ask. It is up to you to decide whether she is old enough to cope with the answer without being frightened, if not, just tell her firmly that you will tell her when she is older. If you do decide she is ready, then explain it in simple terms, with a book to help her understand in pictures what happens. Whatever you do, don't lie to her or make up stories, children are not stupid! There are many books on the market that you could find in your local library which explain the facts of life to young children. Help her to understand by explaning it in terms of where she came from, make sure she realises how much Mummy and Daddy loved each other to want to make her in the first place and how much they love her now. This way, she won't feel jealous or sidelined once the baby arrives.

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