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Contractions at 6 months

I'm six months pregnant with my second child, my doctor has signed me off work for two weeks because the baby is too low down. It feels really heavy and by the evening my belly is very hard. My cervix was closed, but I would like to know what the risks are - is the baby likely to 'go back up'? Should I be in bed? Can I have sex, or could that cause premature labour? Thanks very much, my doctor is on holiday for two weeks.

You doctor has signed you off work to minimise the stress and tiredness associated with your job, which can sometimes bring about contractions and cause a premature labour if the baby is low down. The fact that your cervix is closed is great, make the most of your time off work to rest and relax. Try to take a short walk in the fresh air every day, to relax your body and help your circulation, but try to avoid standing for long periods of time, as it is not at all relaxing for the uterus. Lovemaking is fine, as long as it's gentle.
If you take it easy and follow your doctor's advice, there is no risk of prematurity.

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