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Toilet problems at nursery.

My 26-month old, who has been potty-trained for two months now, has wet himself 6 times in 7 days at nursery. The problem started a few days before he was due to start, now the nursery are threatening to exclude him if he isn't potty-trained. We moved a month ago, could this have unsettled him, although he seemed fine at the time? What will work quickly?

If you try to solve the problem quickly, you risk making it worse and upsetting your child. Be patient.
Problems like this are often children's way of telling you they are very distressed, he is undoubtedly unsettled by your move and the start of nursery, there have been too many changes all together in his short life.
Be realistic, in the space of a few months, you have asked your son to accept a new home, a new environment and the cherry on the cake, nursey at only just two! It is clearly too much for him.
Be patient and loving towards him, it is the least you can do after putting him under so much pressure.
Once he has settled in and feels safe and secure, the problem will probably resolve itself. Be encouraging and supportive towards him.
It may be best for him to stop going to nursery for w hile, even if this is inconvenient for you, at least it will be one less thing for him to worry about.

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