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Having a baby after a molar pregnancy.

Following a molar pregnancy, my HCG levels steadily dropped, and have been in the negative ever since.
I became 'pregnant' in December and had a termination at the end of January and am being very well looked after by my doctor. I understand that molar pregnancies can reoccur and have some very scary consequences, so at what point is it safe to try for a baby again, once all my test results are stable? My doctor has said a year after the termination, but at the hospital I was told six months after the initial conception. I don't blame myself, it was an accident of nature, but a very disturbing one. I'm also beginning to feel a bit like a medical experiment, but I know the examinations are all necessary.

Your question shows that medicine is not an exact science, every healthcare professional brings his or her personal philosophy and character into each decision they make, which explains how you can have several different opinions on the same issue, each with their own merits. On some matters, doctors are only able to advise, it's up to you to take the responsibility to act according to how you feel your body is coping. It can be frustrating not to have a clear-cut answer, but it depends on each individual case, especially with something as rare as molar pregnancy.
You have two different opinions from competent professionals, each of whom have their own medical reasons for giving you the answer they have. To clarify the issue for you, you only have a 1% chance of having another molar pregnancy, and doctors will certainly give you detailed ultrasound examinations when you do become pregnant to make sure everything is developing as it should. Was the placenta sent to a pathologist after delivery for tests? If so, your doctor will have a clear idea of the situation.
I know couples who completely ignored their doctor's advice following a molar pregnancy, and conceived a healthy baby just four months after the termination, but that doesn't mean that it is a good idea to take unnecessary risks.

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