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Gina, 31 - Whilst most women seem to want a bigger bust, I am desperate to have mine shrunk. I am a 36E and it is horrible... I feel bulky, I have a constantly acheing back and it is really difficult to find clothes that fit. I know nothing about the procedure and have yet to speak to my doctor (although he is aware that my breasts cause me pain), but please could you tell me about it... What happens, whether it is dangerous and if I should go ahead or wait until I have had children. Thanks.

Breast reductions are primarily available to women, like yourself who's large, heavy breasts cause them problems... this can cover all manner of things from back and neck pain (especially beween the shoulder baldes) to skeletal deformities, restricted movement and breathing problems. Many women find it hard to find clothes, feel out of proportion and self conscious about their body. The procedure involves the removal of glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breast. The nipple and areolar are moved upwards to a new position and a smaller, firmer breast created. Carried out under general anaesthetic, it is not a simple operation, but it is generally considered safe, with surgery completed in 2-4 hours. If considered a medical neccessity by your surgeon, it is possible that the costs will be covered by your insurance. However, you should check your policy, as some companies require that breast tissue be removed to meet with requirement. Have your surgeon write a 'predetermination letter' as well. The scarring caused by a reduction mammalasty is permanent and there is also a risk of reduced sensation in the nipples and areolar. As to whether you wait until after childbirth; it is your decision (as to how urgent you feel the operation to be). However, you should be aware that, if you choose to have the reduction first, you will be unable to breast feed. This is because the majority of milk ducts will be destroyed when the nipple is moved. If you are seriously considering a breast reduction then I suggest you speak to your GP, he/she will explain your situation and the procedure more thoroughly, and advise you on the steps to take towards surgery. It seems you have made up your mind... Good luck.

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