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Colic and crying at night.

My seven week old baby has colic and cries for a long time in the evenings. Her tummy rumbles a lot, so the doctor prescribed- Debridat and Calmosine three days ago, but things have only got worse. He screams and cries from 10 at night until 2 in the morning now, I am very worried.
I am bottle-feeding him. What can I do for him? Should I try another brand of milk? At the moment I am using SMA, but my doctor doesn't think this is a good idea. Thanks.

Your doctor must have had good reason to tell you not to change your brand of formula milk, there is usually no cause to change your milk unless your baby has diarrhoea. Your baby may be taking large gulps of milk and swallowing lots of air which gets trapped in his system, so make sure you are burping him properly. Try to relax a little, as he is probably picking up on your anxiety.
Children often feel unsettled at bedtime.
Go back to your doctor and ask for medication to help with wind, try to change your behaviour aorund your baby too. Make sure mealtimes are calm and quiet, try to get him to eat slowly, without swallowing too much air. Allow him time to digest upright after his meal, before you burp him and put him to bed. Make sure his bedroom is quiet and peaceful and try to lull him to sleep by singing or talking quietly to him. Babies often go through stages like this, it should sort itself out in time.

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