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Unprotected sex following miscarriage.

Hello, I'm 28 and I had a miscarriage a week ago (it was my first pregnancy). I was four weeks pregnant, I went to hospital but didn't have curettage or any tests. The doctor didn't tell me whether or not it's OK to unprotected sex now. Should I go back on the pill?
I hope you can help me, I was surprised by the way I was treated in hospital.

Yours must have been a straightforwad miscarriage, curettage is only performed when the placenta or other material remains in the womb, or if bleeding continues for a prolonged period. Once you have finished bleeding, you can carry on as you were before, with no special precautions. However, if you do not want to fall pregnant again, you need to use contraception as soon as you start having sex and start the pill as soon as your first period has finished. You are at just as much risk of falling pregnant after a miscarriage as you were before, so the choice is yours.

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