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Pregnancy and driving.

I am seven months pregnant and am really enjoying it! I just have a couple of questions about driving:
1-Should I be driving during my third trimester?
2-Is it OK to take a journey of 200km, with a break, if I don't drive myself, but sit in the front passenger seat? Would it be dangerous to drive myself?
3-When should I stop driving?
Thank you very much for your help.

Being pregnant is not like being ill. Unless you have a special condition, you can live your normal life without too many changes. Driving always carries the risk of having an accident, whether the driver is pregnant or not, it is up to you to weigh up that risk.
As long as it is comfortable, you can get in a car right up until the end of your pregnancy. I would certainly rather you drive than walk everywhere!
You do need to be reasonable however, make sure you are comfortable in the car, take frequent breaks to stretch your legs on long journeys and drive on proper roads. If your ankles are very swollen due to water retention, you can ask your doctor for medication.
With a little common sense, you shouldn't need to complicate your life too much!

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