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Hebrew astrology on soFeminine.co.uk
Hebrew astrology on soFeminine.co.uk

(26 October - 13 November)

Overview: Someone in your social circle or family will play a decisive role. They will help you to get out of a rut, a moment in your life where you feel lost. Thanks to this person, you will put your problems in perspective and rediscover your joie de vivre and optimism!

Relationships: Your relationship is a way to get to know yourself and your other half better, to exchange ideas and embark on a profound quest. How about letting yourself go, being spontaneous and simply going with the flow? It wouldn’t be so bad now, would it?

Your number: 30 allows you to go further and live intensely.

Personal phrase: I exercise my will so I don’t have to be subjected to the will of others.

Hebrew astrology
Aleph - Beth - Gimel - Daleth - He - Vau - Zain - Cheth - Teth - Yod - Kaph - Lamed - Mem - Nun - Samekh - Ayin - Pe - Tzaddi - Qoph - Resh - Shin - Tau -

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