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Hebrew astrology on soFeminine.co.uk
Hebrew astrology on soFeminine.co.uk

(22 April - 10 May)

Overview: You’re the one who crosses the desert without fear of the heat or fear of thirst. You’re going to encounter many obstacles that you would never have expected. You’re very persistent and know how to defend your convictions and even how to impose them! Make your enemy an ally by disconcerting him with your stubborn attitude.

Relationships: You’ll be extremely tempted by his devastating smile and sultry look, but you’ll resist because you need calm and tenderness, not passion! Just enjoy the delights of dalliance and use your charm, it will raise your sprits no end!

Your number: 5 is the symbol of change, decisions, projects and crossroads.

Personal phrase: When I say no to others, I’m saying yes to myself.

Hebrew astrology
Aleph - Beth - Gimel - Daleth - He - Vau - Zain - Cheth - Teth - Yod - Kaph - Lamed - Mem - Nun - Samekh - Ayin - Pe - Tzaddi - Qoph - Resh - Shin - Tau -

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