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To get passionate with:

He's independent, so are you! He likes unusual situations, so do you! He's enthusiastic, so are you! Even if you're not the sort to drop everything for a man, Aries will make an impact on you. But the masters of your respective signs don't make living together easy. Mars makes Aries a little aggressive and Uranus sometimes gives you a contradictory spirit. Passionate embraces could well give way to animated disputes. All of which will be interrupted by sizzling reconciliations in the bedroom. Since you don't like routine, you'll appreciate this guy!

To share some special moments with:
Aquarius (like yourself)
He's the male version of you! You share many intimate moments with him. You intuitively understand each other because you're on the same wavelength. Many months can pass without seeing him but you know full well that you'll get together at some point and that he'll always be a part of your life. He could be your lover but neither of you would support living together for long. Independent as you both are, you need to lead your lives separately.

To last a lifetime:

It's not easy to tie an Aquarius down... But it's a different matter with a Gemini, and there's a good chance of managing it. You find his intelligence and bubbly character attractive. You can speak about anything with him and are enriched by your contact with him. He respects your independent spirit because he is also obsessed with liberty. You don't feel like he encloses you in a cage. Quite the opposite, he helps you to escape from routine. And in bed, all's good! You're both very imaginative and have a lot of fun together.

What kind of lover are you?

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