The signs you're attracted to

To get passionate with:

You're not much of a romantic yourself but his naïvely romantic side touches you and you want to take care of him. Under the covers, he stirs up unexpected sensations in you. You become less of a prude and let yourself go. But he often sits on the fence, and you can't find your balance with him. He swears that he loves you but you doubt him... Not an easy situation!

To share some special moments with:

Both of a sedentary nature, it's in a peaceful, reassuring environment that you have the pleasure to meet him. Little by little, your relationship will bloom. You'll find lots of things in common with each other. You'll initially be very composed but will become more daring... in both words and actions.
Over time, you'll become braver and your Virgo man will become a little wilder. Good times ahead!

To last a lifetime:

An earthling like you, and a deeply reassuring one, which works out well given your inclination to worry yourself silly. He doesn't rush you, which he doesn't do to annoy you. His slowness is relaxing for you. You get to know him slowly but surely. You realise that you both like fine dining and plush dwellings. He also has the same values as you. You take him seriously and trust him. And when he asks you to marry him, you say yes. Your relationship has every chance of lasting because it's based on solid foundations. And you get on really well in the bedroom too, which does no harm!

What kind of lover are you?

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