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The signs you're attracted to

To get passionate with:
Gemini (like yourself)

You're searching for your double and he reminds you of yourself.
As you're quite narcissistic, you're fascinated by this alter ego. He keeps you entertained for a little while but you soon become worn out because he's quite complicated. You don't know which way to turn with him, and conflicts quickly arise. If you decide to leave him, you'll miss him and will want just one thing: to get him back. A difficult relationship to deal with!

To share some special moments with:
Like you, he's intellectually curious and very open-minded. You could spend hours together rewriting the world. Conversation is the cement that unites you. When you're not in agreement over something, you end up finding the necessary words to bridge the gap. You can go quite far together but you're more closely bonded by friendship and intimacy than by passion and physical pleasure.

To last a lifetime:

It's after some time that you'll envisage constructing your future with a Capricorn. When you first meet him, you'll probably find him too serious, too pragmatic, a bit boring, even. But if you get attached to him, you could go a long way together. Gemini is said to possess eternal youth and Capricorn is said to have a lot of maturity. With him, you'll put down your roots, settle down, and he will feel like a weight is off his shoulders. Your signs complete each other perfectly.

What kind of lover are you?

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