Boss astrology: understand your boss through their star sign

boss astrology Aries Your boss is Aries
If your boss is a man.
Dreaming of a calm, relaxing job? You can forget about it with him as your boss! Dynamic and enterprising, he’s a real go-getter.

He likes challenges and anything new. Working on 10 projects at the same time doesn’t bother him at all. He tears along enthusiastically and expects you to do the same! He doesn’t understand that not everyone can support his frantic pace.

But if you work quickly, he won’t get worked up and he’ll give you a great deal of independence! Watch out for his outbursts, they are a regular occurrence: when he doesn’t get what he wants at once, he becomes infuriated.

His bursts of anger are very brief though, and when the company experiences failure, he bounces back quickly and knows how to motivate everyone again.
If your boss is a woman
Her position as boss fits her like a glove. She likes managing and is capable of moving mountains. Dynamic and courageous, she lifts the whole company. She’s fair and honest but quite demanding.

With her as your boss, you work a lot… but you laugh a lot as well. She has a great sense of humour.

When she’s tired (which repeatedly happens because she puts in a lot of hours), she gets in a bad mood and tends to moan.

She sometimes lacks precision but doesn’t understand why you then have to ask her to go over things twice. With this woman as your boss, you’re better off reacting in a flash. She’s tolerant but she doesn’t think much to people who work at a snail’s pace.
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