Boss astrology: understand your boss through their star sign

boss astrology Cancer Your boss is Cancer
If your boss is a man
Gentle and charming, he likes to make his employees feel comfortable. If you have a problem, you can explain it to him; he’ll look for a solution to help you.

Very understanding, he does however have a serious flaw: his fickle nature. It only takes an argument with his wife or a problem with his mum (regardless of his social position and age, he still hasn’t cut the apron strings!), and he’s suddenly all over the place and in a grumpy mood. When this happens, it’s best not to ask him anything.

Your boss doesn’t like stress, and if the company’s struggling, he’ll find it difficult to cope with. He might come across aggressive, which makes life difficult for everyone.
If your boss is a woman
If you like being mothered, you’re going to get on just fine with your boss. She will overprotect you like a hen with a spring chick.

However, if you have a need for freedom and independence, you could feel a bit suffocated. Nevertheless, listen to her criticisms: they are often accurate and will allow you to better yourself. She’s very intuitive.

Don’t let her passive nature deceive you. She sometimes takes a bit of time to reach a decision but she generally knows where she’s heading. She’s a lot less malleable than you’d think and she rules her little world with an iron hand in a velvet glove.
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