Boss astrology: understand your boss through their star sign

boss astrology Leo Your boss is Leo
If your boss is a man
He’s imposing and has a naturally authoritative air about him. Even if you’ve just arrived in the company and haven’t had anything to do with him yet, you’ll see in no uncertain terms that he’s the boss! He’s surrounded, admired and sought after.

Overall, he’s worthy of his role as boss. He’s intelligent, hard-working and resourceful. He isn’t afraid of taking risks and is naturally courageous. But he’s a bit vain. In meetings, he listens to everybody, takes good ideas on board, but always has the last word!
If your boss is a woman
Talented, intelligent, passionate and enthusiastic, she knows what she wants! She didn’t get where she is by chance. She likes to be in charge and is ambitious. And she’s a good boss who recognises the efforts of her colleagues. She’s not sparing with compliments.

However, she hates mediocrity, and doesn’t understand how people can twiddle their thumbs in the workplace. She sometimes lacks patience and might explode with anger very violently. But she’s neither resentful nor nasty.
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