Boss astrology: understand your boss through their star sign

boss astrology Scorpio Your boss is Scorpio
If your boss is a man
He’s not the boss for nothing: he’s a man of power and he’s got the goods to back up his ambition! Intelligent, discerning and determined, when he has a goal to achieve, you can trust him.

He won’t shirk his obligations and he’ll see things through to the end. His incredible determination helps him to overcome the most difficult obstacles. He fascinates members of staff but intimidates them as well. He’s sometimes described as icy or scathing.

He finds that funny and plays up to it. He doesn’t like cowardly or feeble people. When he senses that someone is afraid of him, he lays it on even thicker! And yet he’s a sensitive creature… but he refuses to show his emotions.
If your boss is a woman
If you’re hoping for a peaceful little job and a boss who’s as gentle as a lamb, you can forget it! With this one, you’re in for an eventful time. She’s enthusiastic and is made of stern stuff.

She has a very strong personality and imposes her will, almost without realising it. She loves challenges and she drags you along in her wake, without you having the time to react.

She’s a woman of action who doesn’t mince her words. She can be charming with people she thinks highly of, but hurtful with those she doesn’t like. In general, people either love her or hate her. And that works out well because she doesn’t like people who sit on the fence.
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