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You're probably quite familiar with your star sign. Actually your star sign is really your sun sign; it represents your me and your fundamental concerns.

Your rising sign is something different. Your rising sign is the sign that appeared on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. It reveals your personality and the impression that you leave on others.

The older you get, the more important your rising sign becomes. With a rising sign you can take relationships with other people into account and you can even use it to make progress and to get along better in society and in your life in general.

To calculate your astrological rising sign, you don't just need to know your date of birth. You also need to know your place and time of birth. Then, to determine it precisely, you need an atlas, a table of houses, special tables to tell you whether or not you were born during British summer time... all in all, it's not very straightforward to calculate your rising sign!

Save yourself all that bother and discover your rising sign here! Simply select your date, time and place of birth from the menus above and prepare to be surprised!
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