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Your Weekly Horoscopes 26 June – 02 July 2017

Lareese Craig
By Lareese Craig Published on 30 May 2017

Find out what's in store for your star sign this week from 26 June – 02 July 2017. From the ups and downs to life's lucky days here's the horoscope forecast no girl should be without! Everything you need to know for the week ahead is right here.

A little info about our Astrologer, Fiona Graham:

As an established and popular stargazer with a media and entertainment background, she has an immaculate reputation for accessible horoscopes and is in demand as a personal astrologer, consulted by clients from all walks of life. She's the woman behind our weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes, so whenever you need a little help from the universe, just check out Sofeminine's horoscopes to get her advice!


However much you are seeking action and excitement, this is also the time to pay special attention to those who you rely on at home. Counselling a family member this week means revisiting earlier, perhaps forgotten, conversations. By Friday harmony in your world may well require a few risqué moves, and a friend has brilliant insight into all of this. By the weekend sexy exploits are far more than just frivolous…


Communication will be the key to resolving a whole array of on-going dilemmas, so be prepared to talk and to listen. Unravelling crossed-wires reaps unexpected rewards by midweek and sharpening up your act now could make you richer in one way or another. By Sunday a few smart words will help you achieve a favourite goal and someone’s grand plans could transform an investment of time and/or money.


aA shake up of your personal priorities will now start falling into place. However,you’ll need to be patient a little longer to receive your just desserts. After midweek your strong self-esteem will set relationships on fire, as well as ignite a new sense of purpose. This will play a crucial role when you decide to set off in pursuit of a spectacular
​prize. Sunday’s affectionate words have intriguing depths as well.


You will be bang on target when it comes to your hottest personal desires, if you have the courage to make your moves. By Wednesday you may find you have a sense of mission accomplished, yet you must continue to watch your step to avoid feeling burdened by less appealing tasks. On Sunday you’ll find inventive and fun ways to make the most of a mysterious talent, not to mention transform a cash scenario too.


A blast from the past is capable of shifting your priorities this week. So backtracking over earlier experiences will in fact be a positive step forward. Before you know it midweek’s efforts could produce a lucky romantic break too. By the weekend someone will seem to be an enigma, which you will be determined to crack. With an open mind you’ll realise that your own tastes are about to change dramatically.


This is no time to feel obliged to go it alone, as other people will have a strong and potent influence on you. From midweek, if you read between the lines in a friendship,this will deliver unusual benefits at home. You may well be in a celebratory mood by the weekend, but must take the rough with the smooth on Saturday. A secret admirer,when this person is revealed, will provide the perfect confidence boost too.


All signs point to making your mark at work, or indeed in any setting where you want to shine. Yet, however rosy your prospects are, an offer of promotion must not betaken at face value. A little detective work will go a very long way and this requires you trusting your judgement and intuition. Saturday’s gesture could fulfil a romantic wish, and someone else will demonstrate his or her talent for inspired guesswork…


New horizons are beckoning you, and this means taking a chance on offers and proposals that take you out of your comfort zone. However, plan any journeys with extra care, as some directions you are given could be misleading. If you stay focused on your chosen mission you may also find you are in the money. This weekend a seductive influence at home could pave the way to sweet success elsewhere.


Getting to grips with money matters, which involve you and another person, has a refreshing impact on your relationship on many levels. From Tuesday patience will be your trump card in every joint concern. As the week unfolds feeling fortunate will create all kinds of positive chances, and by Sunday a pet project looks well within your reach. During this time your charisma is the key to adventures you will cherish.


Relationships and collaborations of every kind will come into their own this week, if you are willing to make a few tactical compromises. It is especially important to be sure you understand what someone is trying to tell you, before you have a knee-jerk reaction. This weekend a relationship will have the power to make you feel really great in your own skin, and now your imagination will show it has no limits.


Reorganising everyday affairs and routines may sound rather dull, but this will actually open doors to entertainment and fun you hadn’t anticipated. Around midweek tying up loose ends may be time consuming, but a big-hearted person will show real appreciation for your efforts. This weekend one of your hunches scores top marks,and by Sunday someone’s admiration changes the goalposts in a friendship.


This week the key to success is to be true to yourself and pursue you heart’s desires, whether personally or at work. Around Wednesday you’ll find that sweet nothings may have hidden meanings... Romance is very much in the air and an ambition is also well within your capabilities. This weekend’s feel-good mood will be enhanced by thoughtful deeds, and the rewards are sure to come in all shapes and sizes.

This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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