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Your Weekly Horoscopes 15 – 21 May 2017

Lareese Craig
By Lareese Craig Published on 15 May 2017

Find out what's in store for your star sign this week from 15 – 21 May 2017. From the ups and downs to life's lucky days here's the horoscope forecast no girl should be without! Everything you need to know for the week ahead is right here.

A little info about our Astrologer, Fiona Graham:

As an established and popular stargazer with a media and entertainment background, she has an immaculate reputation for accessible horoscopes and is in demand as a personal astrologer, consulted by clients from all walks of life. She's the woman behind our weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes, so whenever you need a little help from the universe, just check out Sofeminine's horoscopes to get her advice!


Communication will hold the key to this week’s progress, and as early as Tuesday the power of mind over matter is working to your advantage. If you discuss your favourite ideas with other people, by Friday you will be able to take an imaginative leap forwards… Draw on support from people at home over the weekend, but be prepared for discussions that expose someone else’s hidden agenda.


Having done some groundwork, you’ll now have a clearer sense of what your personal happiness may depend on. So it’s time to focus on the priorities, both material and emotional, and to take a reality check on factors that stand in your way.By Thursday this includes your career goals, so believe that you deserve to aim for the stars. However, on Sunday cash and other riches could become a stickier issue.


You are in your element now, as the sun shines on your top talents. At the same time you’ll discover that what you want out of life is becoming clearer. Midweek looks great for pursuing a personal dream, but you could overstretch yourself... At the weekend you can expect to earn unusual rewards from recent efforts, yet you must also take care that an in-depth discussion doesn’t turn into a power struggle.


You will gain a great deal, if you are prepared to play a watching and waiting game.Your wisest move is to take stock of earlier events, and then you’ll find you can really play to your strengths. Midweek’s insight into other people can only create stronger relationships. By Friday your knack for turning heads leads to surprising fun and games, although the best trick of all is to resist overplaying your hand.


Networking for business or for pleasure will take on a life of its own this week. So this is not the time to walk alone. Involve other people in your decisions and plans and you’ll thrive on sharing a unique victory. From Wednesday this may inspire an incredible response from someone special on the scene... This weekend offers social opportunities, but a seemingly friendly chat could stir up old romantic jealousies.


The scene is set for you to make a new bid for success, and this will mean ensuring that others sit up and take notice of you. All signs point to you heading off on a personal mission, and after midweek your inventive approach will prove itself a huge success in more ways than one. A helpful person overturns your view of a partnership, but you may end up feeling torn between your personal and professional goals.


The spirit of adventure serves you well throughout the week - so there is no point in sticking to old and familiar ways. You’ll broaden your horizons by discovering a whole array of new people, and also some mind-blowing ideas. On Thursday this includes an irresistible flirtation that requires a very light touch… By the weekend a lucky break in a favourite pursuit may mean adopting a few extreme tactics.


New depths to a special relationship will start coming to light if you are prepared to understand a complicated personality. What underlies this deep connection -materially or emotionally – will be revealed in all its glory. Clear and rational thinking helps you respond to any shifting goalposts, and romance may strike like a bolt from the blue. However, this weekend’s challenge involves tackling more ‘nuts and bolts’ issues.


The clever way forward is to realise that there is strength in numbers, as teamwork is bound to take you far this week. A partnership will show it is worth its weight in gold,and this means letting someone have a say in your life: at least some of the time...However, words spoken on Thursday will need to be decoded. By Sunday your nearest and dearest surprise you and a one-to-one tussle has therapeutic powers.


As you come to terms with recent events and discoveries, the ideas you have been mulling over can be put into action. However, you are wise to avoid the risk of making unnecessary knee-jerk cash decisions. For once, even you could be too easily persuaded. On Friday love is in the air when someone shows their appreciation in noun certain terms. This will give rise to a brilliant and exciting idea.


​Now you are being invited to take a walk on the wild side, which means throwing away the rulebook concerning long term plans. From Thursday just following your heart is the best option both in love, and when taking off to do your own thing. BySaturday an intuitive idea is attractive and amazingly accurate. However, this weekend your brilliance could cause resentment in a so-called friend. Tread with care.


​It seems that loved-ones are becoming more demanding as they start to realise how ambitious you really are. So when home life requires your attention, a generous attitude towards other peoples’ feelings will help you in the long run. Friday’s entertainment may well include a heart-stopping attraction, and you are game to engage in a little seduction. However, private and public life will pose dilemmas.

This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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