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Your Weekly Horoscopes 18 – 24 September 2017

Lareese Craig
By Lareese Craig Published on 29 August 2017

Find out what's in store for your star sign this week from 18 – 24 September 2017. From the ups and downs to life's lucky days here's the horoscope forecast no girl should be without! Everything you need to know for the week ahead is right here.

A little info about our Astrologer, Fiona Graham:

As an established and popular stargazer with a media and entertainment background, she has an immaculate reputation for accessible horoscopes and is in demand as a personal astrologer, consulted by clients from all walks of life. She's the woman behind our weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes, so whenever you need a little help from the universe, just check out Sofeminine's horoscopes to get her advice!


Your recent efforts both at work and play should be rewarded now. It is obvious of course that the more you invest in your commitments and relationships, the more you’ll benefit. At the same time midweek’s conversation offers fresh insights into how to look after yourself, with tips on ways to rethink your approach to health and well-being. This won’t be at all dull, especially when someone else joins in.


Love is in the air and may even set you on course for a whirlwind romance...Whatever transpires, this is the time to spoil someone special but also to treat yourself with kindness and respect. Rise to Friday’s challenge and a seductive offer is highly likely to take you off on a fascinating journey. You will see very clearly how a creative approach works magic in your social life.


However busy you are on all fronts, home is where the heart is and someone will prove to be a massive support. This is bound to pay off on many other levels. ByFriday a loved-one offers you surprising levels of personal insight, and soon you will know that the fun is about to begin. This weekend the focus shifts to pleasure and entertainment… a little escapism will lift everyone’s spirits.


It may seem that most areas of life are even more hectic than usual, but taking timeout for important, intimate discussions provides just the lift a relationship needs. A dash of romance will have an impact on all those more mundane areas too. AfterThursday a risky idea emerges and should not be dismissed out of hand. This weekend your allies come up trumps so let them contribute in the way they love best.


Early this week you can start seeking new ways to express and maximise your talents.A generous friend is firmly on your side, which will be a fantastic confidence boost.From Wednesday you will rediscover an overlooked talent, so don’t be shy about putting this to use. The time has come to bring a touch of glamour to one relationship,which to some extent you may have been taking for granted.


This is the week for making resolutions about how you approach your personal life,especially when it comes to significant relationships and plans. Something or someone precious is on your mind, and as soon as Wednesday you’ll get a positive response to some well-thought out suggestions. From Friday the spotlight shifts to your talents and earning-power and you can put your fine imagination to work.


Your hunch about someone will prove to be very accurate indeed, and helps you avoid idealising them too much. The courage this gives you will be worth its weight in gold and seems to liberate you. Recent soul-searching will pay off so that new dreams will start to take shape. By Saturday you are in your element and will no longer feel like watching from the wings. Lap up your share of the limelight.


As all kinds of people are gunning for you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a stronger sense of self-belief. Handling responsibilities with confidence this week will work its magic everywhere. So go for it. On Friday you may be surprised when a relationship takes a significant turn too. At the same time recuperation and relaxation is a must this weekend - be sure to give yourself a well-earned breather.


New opportunities are around the corner… From Monday it becomes especially important to draw on your inner resources, as you’ll soon see the benefits at work,and/or in a personal project. Friday brings new reasons to celebrate, as the social pace picks up and people want to be around you. However, careless words could cause trouble, so at the weekend beware of an all too easy slip of the tongue...


From early this week an insightful friend or workmate is able to offer you stunning pearls of wisdom. The most important thing is to listen and take stock… As a result,various prospects could start changing for the better. From Friday you’ll feel ready to explore new places, or brand new areas of knowledge… The truth is you are poised to show you mean business and this will mean taking risks.


With your eye on the ball from Tuesday you may well spot a new career opening.However, it is vital to be honest when it comes to someone else’s motives, and then nothing will stand in your way. Just now you can handle almost anything and this should be a huge boost to your spirits. By Sunday you’ll turn over a new leaf in your personal life too. The only danger is taking on a bit too much at once…


When it comes to a new and potentially significant relationship, it’s important to start as you mean to go on. A frank and transparent approach will avoid pointless complications later on. Someone special will pull a surprise out of the bag when they realise how open minded you are. From Thursday a new era dawns in all your personal dealings and this promises to be fun. By Saturday you’ll understand another person’s psychology more deeply and your intuition will be bang on target.

This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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