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Baby development week 23 | New baby blog

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 8 September 2011

Baby development week 23 -Baby yoga The children’s centre near me offers Baby Yoga sessions. It’s a six weeks course, and it’s free! Might as well, ay? I put our names down weeks ago because it’s quite popular.

When I turned up for the class on Monday, about eight other mums and their babies were there too. The instructor sat us down in a circle on mats with babies on our laps.

Yoga with babies

We started with a gentle warm up, then some simple ‘Yoga’ movements. They were really just movements and stretches we could do with our babies.

Naly seemed to be the most excited with the movements, every time I moved, she would let out a loud laugh and it made everyone else laugh. She also seemed to enjoy looking at the other babies, I think if she could crawl to touch them she would. inquisitive little pup that she is.

We did some exercises on the babies by holding their hands or feet and tapping them gently together.

There was one particular exercise all the babies seem to enjoy: we have to walk into the centre of the large circle we formed whilst holding our babies in front of us, so all the babies can look at each other, they all waved their arms and legs about with excitement.

It’s a great way to bond with our babies and do something together. It’s also very sociable by meeting the other mums and babies.

Free Dental care

Pregnant ladies and mums in the first year after the birth of their babies can get free dental care. So I took this advantage and booked for an appointment to see the dentist, I have been naughty and haven’t been to the dentist for a few years.

Luckily I didn’t need too much work, just needed some cleaning on my gums. Whilst I was at the dentist, I wanted her to help me to clear something up.

Ryan and I have argued over many times because of our cultural differences:
When to brush teeth in the morning? First thing before breakfast or after breakfast?

In China, I was taught to brush teeth first thing in the morning, before eating anything to get rid of the germs, I can’t stand putting food in my mouth with the morning breath.

But all my Western friends brush their teeth after breakfast, they tell me they couldn’t eat with the minty tooth paste taste in their mouths.

Now we have a baby, Ryan and I have discussed when Naly should brush her teeth when she’s older. It seems neither of us would back down with our opinions. Finally we'd get an expert’s opinion!

So when I asked my dentist the question, I was very happy to hear her saying it’s best to brush your teeth before eating breakfast, because many germs and plaque have developed over night, it’s best to get rid of them.

But more importantly the reasoning behind this is that if you have acidic foods/drinks such as orange juice and sugary cereals and jam etc and the acid level in your mouth is very high. Your tooth is essentially being dissolved!

If you brush your teeth immediately after this, you are brushing away the minerals from your teeth and eventually your teeth are going to become very sensitive.

I guess Naly will follow my routine then. I like it when I’m right!


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by Lucy Li

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