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Baby development week 28 | New baby blog

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 28 October 2011

We finished our St. Ives trip to the Tate Modern, there was an interesting exhibition on. It’s an interactive piece where they ask everyone that comes into the gallery to get involved.

Baby development week 28 -Artistic child

The piece is called ‘Measuring the Universe’, when we walked into the large room of the exhibition, the whole room was covered in black ink markings, with a quite thick section about 1.5m off the ground.

From close inspection, the black inks are the names of people and dates of when the measurements were done.

The markings represented the height of the person. The thick black sections were the average heights.

The gentleman with a gallery badge saw us come in and asked if we wanted to put Naly’s name on the wall, we were very happy to do so. I’ve taken Naly to art exhibitions before, but never been involved in one, how exciting!

We let Naly stand against the wall and held her up straight, the guy wrote her name and the date on the wall aligned with the top of her head. Surprisingly she wasn’t the shortest, obviously other babies have been here too.

What a fun piece, now we can say Naly’s name has been in the Tate Modern!

Rolling over

This week we saw a great achievement from Naly - Rolling over from her back to the front then back again.

She has been trying to roll over since five months, sometimes making nappy changes a long process because I’m trying to keep her still.

We watched her one evening playing on the mat. She was trying really hard to roll over when lying on her back, you could see the determination on her face, she was even grabbing on to the edge of the mat and try to pull herself over. But she just wasn’t quite there yet.

Then the next morning, she was practising again, suddenly she flipped herself over to her tummy, and almost immediately she rolled over again onto her back.

We all cheered and clapped, she seemed quite pleased with herself, smiling away. Soon after she was doing it all the time as if she has been doing it since she was born.

Now she’s rolling everywhere to get around, sometimes I would turn my back on her for a split second, she would disappear under the sofa!

It amazes me just how fast Naly manages to master new skills, she surprises me everyday!


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by Lucy Li

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