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Baby development week 37 | New baby blog

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 1 March 2012

I’ve been thinking about going back to work for a couple months before we go away to Australia in early December for Christmas and New Year.

Baby development week 37 - going back to work

My maternity allowance finished last Sunday, which means I don’t have any financial support now. I freelanced before Naly was born, so I decided to get in touch with a few recruiters I used to know.

I sent out an email on Monday, and I got an email back on Tuesday about a job, before you know it, I was told to start working on Wednesday!

It happened so fast, I questioned myself if I was ready to start work, what if I’ve forgotten how to be around adults? And forgot how to have a conversation which did not involve talking about babies! But I was excited about starting work again.

Naly starts nursery next year, and we haven’t sorted out any childcare for this year. So my parents kindly offered to look after Naly for this couple of months in Devon where they live, Ryan and I will go visit Naly every weekend.

However, for this week, because I got work sooner than expected, I wasn’t able to take Naly back to Devon. Luckily Ryan wasn’t working during the day on Wednesday, so he could look after her. I called on a friend to look after Naly on Thursday, and my dad is coming to London to look after her on Friday. And we’ll drive to Devon together on Saturday.
It’s only for three days, but I’ve already start to feel the pressure of sorting out childcare so I can get back to work.
Working and looking after a baby during the night is a different ball game! Naly had a very restless sleep, waking up at 4am then at 6am. She would cry when Ryan held her, she only wanted mummy, so I had to try to get her back to sleep.
By the time I got her to go back to sleep at 6:30am, I thought I might as well get up since my alarm will go off at 7am. Luckily, I wasn’t as tired as I thought I would be, I think I was quite excited about the day ahead.

I work in the design industry, after having 9 months off, I was worried that I might have forgotten to use all the software. But once I started to use a computer, it felt like I have never left.

Everyone was very friendly at work, when they heard I have a young baby, they even asked if I needed to go home early! How sweet!

It was nice to have some grown up conversations, but at the back of my mind, I was always thinking about how Naly was coping.

Ryan text me a few times to let me know Naly has been eating well and playing well which is a relief. I had a lot of work to do so the day passed by very fast, before I knew it, it was time to go home.

As soon as I entered the front door, Naly crawled towards me and pulled herself up on my trousers. I had to tell her to wait because I wanted to wash my face and hands before hugging her. It’s the beginning of winter and lots of people were coughing on the tube, I don’t want her to get sick, and more importantly I don’t want my parents to look after a sick baby.

After my wash, I gave Naly a big hug, she held me tightly and won’t let go. We both missed each other very much, but we have survive the day without one another!

The next day was a much more stressful day because my friend Sally was looking after Naly, she has a little boy around the same age, and this is the first time she has been left with two babies. I felt bad, but Sally said she doesn’t mind helping out as one day she might need me to do the same.

Around lunch time I got a text from Sally saying she managed to get both babies to sleep at the same time! Now that’s a super mum!

Sally looked shattered when I picked Naly up in the evening, but she said it wasn’t too bad as the babies kept each other entertained throughout the day.

Friday went smoothly too when my dad came to look after Naly, he was a bit nervous at first as he hasn’t looked after a baby on his own for 33 years! But it soon came back to him, and Naly behaved herself, he enjoyed every minute!

I drove us down to Devon on Saturday and got Naly settled, I brought lots of her toys, so hopefully she’ll be distracted and not notice Ryan and I are not there.

I left on Sunday feeling a bit sad to say goodbye to Naly, I could feel tears welling up, so I had to drive away quickly. It was a strange feeling not to have Naly in the back seat as I drove back to London, but I was looking forward to a decent night sleep in 9 months!


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