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Baby development week 5 | New baby blog

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 1 April 2011

Baby development week 5 - Braving the big wide world 28th February - 6th March

I went down to Devon for a few days to see my parents and to surprise my 93 year old Grandma with baby Naly. She's 5 weeks and looking adorable by the way.

My Grandma thought I wouldn’t travel as I was in my last week of the Chinese 40 days recovery period (see blog 31st Jan - 6th Feb) known elsewhere as the ominous sounding "confinement period".

Mum wanted me to spend the remaining week with her so she could pamper me and cook me nice food because Ryan is away working. She's a fantastic cook (most mum's are, aren't they) so how could I refuse?

When I first started the 40 days recovery period, I was a bit sceptical. It sounds like such a long time. But I’m glad I took my mum and my grandmother’s advice and stuck with it.

To be honest, I’m so exhausted most of the time I didn't needmuch persuasion to stay in for 40 days (apart from a few days visiting the midwives). My body feels more like its usual self and I feel better and stronger now.

I was also wrong about it might be difficult, in the modern world, to stay in for so long. Two words: Internet shopping! Quite frankly, modern living makes confinement periods easier than ever before.

It’s so easy to stay connected to the outside world these days, I can go on Facebook to check out who’s doing what. Keep in touch by putting baby photos on my page and get people’s reactions straight away. I wonder how long before my status updates will NOT be something about the baby!

I can buy anything I need over the Internet and get them delivered, actually this is a little addictive because it’s nice to get a parcel in the morning, it feels like getting a present every time, even if I did pay for it myself.

Four generations
So Gran got the surprise of her life. Mum told her two visitors had ‘come over from China’, one she has met and the other one she hasn’t. She couldn’t guess whom, especially when I called her earlier to say I was coming to see her in a couple of weeks time. So imagine her surprise when she saw me coming down the stairs with the little one!

In China, it’s considered very lucky to have the 4th generation in your life, because it usually means you have lived a long life to see that happening!

So there we were, cuddled together in the sitting room sofa, age from 5 weeks, 33, 63 to 93! Three of us admiring the little lady, playing and tickling her until she burst into a series of big infectious smiles.

Naly has been making a lot of coo coo, gaga sounds lately, so it was extra cute. We would copy her and she would respond back. I could see my Gran was over the moon.

What a nice feeling it must be, I hope I live to see my 4th generation.


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by Lucy Li