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New baby blog week 40 - teething

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 4 April 2012

Some of my friends babies around the same age as Naly have all got 2 or 3 teeth, and they came out a couple of months ago. But Naly still hasn’t got any through yet.

Baby development week 40 -teething

I was a little bit anxious about the lack of teeth, so I asked the health visitors when should I be expecting the teeth to come out? They advised me any time between 4 months to 18 months.

Some babies are even born with a tooth or two, freaky!

If the teeth haven’t come through after 18 months, then it might be time to be worried.

I washed my hands and put my index finger in Naly’s mouth and had a feel on her gums, they feel tight and hard, but no teeth yet, they also look very red and swollen.

She has been dribbling a bit lately and always trying to bite my fingers when I play with her which I’ve been told can be signs of teething.

Other than these, she shows no other signs. I’ve been told some babies can have a slightly raised temperature but not a fever, they can also have a facial rash, very red cheeks and have terrible sleeps. I’m glad she hasn’t got these at the moment.

Some babies do not feel any pain during teething, while others can be severely affected. The pain is caused by movement within the developing jaw bone as the new teeth make their way through the gums.

Some teeth may come through easily, while others cause pain and discomfort. Once the teeth have emerged, the discomfort normally stops.

I went to see Naly over the weekend again in Devon, she was her normal happy self, but seemed a bit irritable and quite clingy, she was drooling more than usual.

When it was time to leave, I gave her a very long hug, I stroked her lovely chubby cheeks, and gave her lots of kisses. Just when I was about to let go, I could see she was looking at my finger, then suddenly she bit it. I felt something sharp, and let out an "Oow!!" - it actually hurt, it took me by surprise and I pulled away.

I quickly felt Naly’s gums, and there they were, two little sharp teeth coming through at the bottom in the middle. You could barely see it, but they were sharp!

Naly looked at me and smiled as if to say: "See mum, I’ve got teeth now!" I gave her a big hug and said: "Good girl, such a clever girl growing these teeth!"

I couldn’t help but smile, I had nothing to worry about after all.


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