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New baby blog week 42 - Baby curiosity

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 18 April 2012

Naly is growing up fast, she’s constantly exploring the world around her.

Baby development week 42 - baby curiosity

She’s fascinated by everything, and it’s amazing sometimes she would spot the smallest thing on the floor like a very small button or even a tiny fluff, she would pick it up and study it.

When I read to her, I would point out the shapes and colours, and again she would notice some small details like a leaf hidden behind the main character, and point at it.

It’s funny how babies notice the tiny details that we would normally miss.

Naly is loving the mirrors at the moment. She’s very curious about her own reflection, she particularly likes the one that’s hanging in her room. It’s about the same height as her. Every time when I hold her close to it, she would study her own reflection, then burst out laughing.

She would wave to herself, sometimes trying to kiss her own reflection. And sometimes she would try to turn the mirror around to see if the little person inside is sitting behind it. This always makes me laugh! Perhaps she thinks her reflection is another baby.

I bought her a small book with a finger puppet poking out of it as a small dog. When I showed it to her the first time, she let out a surprised yell when she saw the moving dog.

I made barking noises and moved the puppet closer to her, she was a bit unsure and scared at first, she must’ve thought it was real, it was very funny to watch.

But after a few minutes, she tried to turn the book over to see if there’s anything behind it, she must’ve somehow worked it out my finger was involved.

Mini Tornado

Because Naly is so curious about everything, she likes to have a look at anything that she can reach. She’ll play with certain things for awhile, then there are moments when all she like to do is to remove everything from the place they should be.

She likes to pull all my magazines off the coffee table, or whatever is on the table at the time, keys, phones, remote controls, receipts etc. Any DVDs and CDs below the TV will also end up on the floor.

I call her the ‘Mini Tornado’ because if I leave her in a room for a few minutes, there will be a trail of things all around the floor as if been hit by a cyclone. And this happens several times a day. It’s almost pointless trying to tidy up until Naly goes to bed.

Now I understand why older people have back pains, it’s because they have to constantly pick up things after their children!


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