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New baby blog week 43 - Starting to walk

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 25 April 2012

Naly is showing signs of wanting to walk this week, she has been crawling for a few months now. But lately she‘s getting very good at balancing and standing by herself without holding onto anything for a long time.

Baby development week 42 - "I wanna walk like you..."

She is always trying to walk along the coffee table or the sofas by holding onto the edges, but she can’t quite walk independently yet.

We can see she really wants to walk and desperately trying to. Sometimes she would stand there for a long time thinking about it, but when she tries to take a step, she would wobble and fall.

Perhaps her legs are not strong enough yet, this unfortunately takes a toll on her confidence, she just end up crawling again.

Naly has a very unique crawling style, if she’s in a hurry, she tucks one leg underneath her body, it’s like a one legged crawl and it’s very funny to watch, but she seems to go faster that way.

However, if the floor surface is rough, she would go on all fours, and crawls like a spider monkey without touching the floor with her knees. I think that’s pretty clever, she must know it would hurt her if her knees touched the ground.

All the babies I know around Naly’s age haven’t started walking yet, when the mothers get together, we all like to compare the development of our babies.

It seems Naly has come along stronger in the standing by herself part, most of the other babies are just mastering the crawling part.

The other night, I put “The Jungle Book” on my laptop while I was cooking, I wanted to show Naly the songs. And right on cue, just as “I wanna be like you” song came up, Naly crawled up behind me, grabbed onto my trousers and pulled herself up to standing position.
Going with the flow of the music, I started to walk forward slowly to the beat, Naly held onto me and started to walk also.

So there we were, in our kitchen, slowly dancing to the music and walking baby steps with Naly holding onto the back on my legs to the lyrics:

‘I wanna walk like you...’

Naly was giggling away. It was such a lovely moment...

I think Naly will walk soon, I’ve been told that’s when the parents will have no rest, you’ll be chasing them around, make sure they haven’t wondered off somewhere dangerous.

So we need to enjoy this less-manic (if that’s possible) time while we can!

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by Lucy Li

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