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New baby blog week 48 - A belated celebration

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 30 May 2012

As we're not in Asutralia very often - we celebrated "Christmas" in the sun last Sunday.

Baby development week 48 - a belated celebration

In the morning we went to the beach, we were surprise to find so many friends and family there. Some were wearing santa’s hats and drinking champagne. Naly looked at them with amusement.

We went for a swim in the ocean. Naly held me tightly, she’s a little frightened of the coming waves, but once she got used to it, she was fine.

We always have to be cautious and keep a look out as there have been recent sightings of sharks around Perth’s beaches.

"Christmas" lunch was a feast! Starting with a plate full of fresh oysters, then lobsters and prawns. It was truly amazing, everything was so fresh!

After our amazing starters, we had turkey and many different salads as main, followed by Ryan’s nana’s Christmas pud.

Usually at Christmas we stuff ourselves with wintery food, but eating all the salads I actually didn’t feel too full and uncomfortable. I felt healthy almost!

Present time was great fun, the cousins sat together helping each other unwrap each one. Naly was more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes than the actual presents. She got some lovely books and toys.

It was interesting looking at Naly and her cousins, although Naly has Chinese genes in her, but they all have similar hair and features, you can tell the children are related somehow.


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