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New baby blog week 49 - Naly's first steps

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 27 May 2012

Around lunch time, we were just talking about when Naly was going to start walking, she crawls very fast at the moment, and sometimes she would stand up and stays there for awhile, obviously thinking about taking that big step.

Baby development week 49 - Naly's first steps

But most of the time she just wobbles and sit back down again.

I said I wonder how long it would take her to start walking now she sees other kids walking around. She was right in front of me, looking at me as if she understood what I was saying.

Suddenly she stood up, we could see the determination on her face. I was shouting from inside “Com’on baby, you can do it!”

I didn’t want to make a sound in case she got distracted. And this time, she took a step forward, then another step followed, she did one more but then got so excited that she wobbled and sat down.

We all saw it, and started clapping. Naly was grinning from ear to ear, she looked at me as if to say:” See mummy, I can do it now!”

I gave her the biggest hug, I was so proud!

Beach, fishing, sun, and more bbq…

Next day we drove towards south of Perth for a four days holiday in the winery region of Margret River, famous for its wines, beaches, food and forest.

We had hired out a huge house for my parents, Ryan, Naly and I and a couple of friends with their kids. The youngest is three weeks older than Naly and she is walking as well, so they have been spending a lot of time together.

Naly is not as sturdy on her feet, but she’s always trying, having a baby who can walk well with her sets a good example.

The beaches down this area look like the ones you see on postcards, white sand, pristine water, and with hardly anyone around.

Naly just love swimming in the ocean, every time I dip her into the water, she would let out a delightful giggle. She would wave her little hands around, splashing water everywhere.


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