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New baby blog week 50 - Learning with pictures

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 27 May 2012

I’ve been teaching Naly some basic words like ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘Nanna’ & ‘Pops’, I’ve also been talking to her none stop, pointing out everyday objects and her surroundings to her to tell her what they are called.

Baby development week 50 - Learning with pictures

She’s starting to grasp what’s what, although she can’t say the words properly yet, but she can definitely mimic some of the sounds. She’s always babbling and always interested looking at books and pictures.

Sometimes she looks at me and ‘talks’ for a good few minutes as if she’s having a proper conversations with me, I would nod and answer back guessing what she’s been talking about.

It’s actually quite fun sometimes like we are in our own little world.

I want to get some well designed flash cards, so I can start showing Naly more words with pictures.

By chance I saw on Facebook a friend of mine, Holly, from college is selling some. She lives in Devon, and it happens that I was going to Devon this week to see my parents, so I arranged to meet her for coffee.

Clever little mummy

I haven’t seen Holly for a few years now, I moved to London after College. We are friends on Facebook, and have been meaning to meet up but just haven’t had time to.

I remember she announced the birth of her daughter Millie awhile ago, somehow time just slipped away and before you know it, Millie has turned three!

So this time, we decided to meet. And I’m glad we did, because Holly told me about her story and it’s very inspiring.

Holly had split up with Millie’s dad some time ago and have been bringing up Millie pretty much on her own.

When Millie was around the age ready to learn to talk, Holly looked around the shops for some well-presented flashcards to teach her words like I have, but to her surprise, there weren’t any. The illustrations were often old-fashioned looking.

Being a designer herself, she obviously has a high standard for visual designs, so after not finding anything suitable, she decided to make some herself. In between looking after an active toddler, she managed to squeeze in some time and made a small collection of flashcards.

She tested them on her nephew who’s older than Millie, and he loved them. From there the collection of flashcards grew, with different themes. Before you know it, she started getting requests from friends and family for them for Christmas and birthdays. Then she saw a business opportunity, and decided to get some manufactured in China.

Clever little baby

So the “Clever little baby” brand was born.

I don’t know how she managed it, but Holly managed to secured some orders from Waterstone’s for different locations around the country.

Now she has branched out and expanded her designs to other products like t-shirts, prints and fridge magnets. And she’s trying them out at baby and craft fairs, and have had great response. It’s hard work as she’s juggling motherhood and trying to get her work noticed and potentially make some returns from the manufacturing costs.

I bought a set of her lovely flashcards for Naly. I have always loved unique designs, and like to support local businesses, it’s especially fantastic when it’s my friend!

Naly took to them straight away, she took them out of the box, one by one, spreading all over the floor. I could see she was enjoying playing with them, looking at the pictures.

It’s amazing how much Holly has achieved in two years, I struggle to get motivated some days because I’m so tired all the time, I can’t imagine setting up my own business. She is really inspirational.

If you would like to see some of Holly’s wonderful creations, please go to Clever Little Baby

You can also find her on Facebook, maybe you can find some lovely things for you baby.


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