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New baby blog week 51 - when she grows up...

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 27 May 2012

Can you believe it? Naly turns ONE early next week! One already! Time does fly when you have children, this means another thing, I’m going to get older very fast!

Baby development week 51 - When she grows up...

It’s also my Gran’s 94th Birthday, so we decided to celebrate Naly’s birthday early so we can have a huge celebration all in one.

And what a mouth-watering feast it was, we had lobsters, duck, dumpling, all sorts of seafood and vegetables. On top of that we had two different deserts, it’s like Christmas day for us. Lots of over-indulgence!

Naly was the soul of the party, now she can walk, she wonders in and out of the rooms, which means not much eating time for me or Ryan at the table, we have to keep her within our sight.

We dressed her in a tradition Chinese red silk suit, she looked absolutely adorable, like a little china doll in her outfit and with her pink rosy cheeks.

She loved all the attention, walking up to each person, talking in her jibba jabba language, as if to say:” Thanks for coming to my party.” What a charming little host.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

In Chinese tradition, on a baby’s first birthday, she must do a ‘Dra-Jiou’, meaning ‘Select a profession’. It’s a game we play.

We asked all of the guests to bring an item that represents their profession, such as a paint brush for an Artist, a calculator for an Accountant, and a stethoscope for a Doctor, you get the idea.

We laid all the items in front of Naly, the first items she reaches for, predicts the ‘profession’ she might end up in the future.

True or not, it’s a fun game. Apparently I played this game on my first birthday, and I reached for a paint brush, and I now work in the design industry, so you never know, it could be true for Naly!

So in front of Naly we laid out a black graduation cap for an Academic; a globe for an Explorer/Traveller; a barrister’s wig for a Lawyer; a stethoscope for a Doctor; a Mac mouse for a Designer (I have my fingers crossed for that); a video camera for a Video engineer (Ryan has his fingers crossed for); paint brushes and paints for an Artist; a calculator for an Accountant or anything maths related, and a set of headphones for a DJ or music related.

I stood Naly in front of the items, and pointed them to her and asked her to pick one. I assumed she would grab one immediately as at home she would always grab something that she has never seen before and play with it.

All eyes were on her, we all tried to encourage her to pick something up. But she just stood there, looking at everyone. She must’ve got stage fright as we were all looking at her.

After a few minutes, she looked unsure and quickly stepped out of the semi-circle that the items have formed around her and came straight to me and hid in my arms.

After a few minutes of comforting, I put her back and stood with her, telling her about each item and what they are for. She looked around, taking it all in, then suddenly she reached down and picked up the academic hat with one hand, then a tube of paint with the other hand.

My mum and dad cheered with delight because these items represent their professions! Artist and Professor. We all cheered, Naly looked a bit startled, I don’t think she knows why the adults were getting so excited.

Maybe she will be an academic in arts! I like that! Ryan immediately joked: ”There’s no money in that!” I laughed and replied: “You never know, she might make a business out of it!”

It’s amusing how Naly went for a black hat over the other more colourful items, as for the paints I can understand, as she likes small and unusual looking items. Maybe this is a ‘prediction’ of Naly’s professional future, we shall see. It certainly was a fun game.


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