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New baby blog week 52 - one year old

Lucy Li
By Lucy Li Published on 27 May 2012

Naly turned one year old this week!!

Baby development week 52 - One year old

Upon reaching this milestone in her life it was also time for her first week in Nursery but unfortunately she's been sick...

I've been doing it alone this week as Ryan went away to work in Europe and it just happened that I also started working again.

So it was down to me to take Naly to nursery and pick her up. But unfortunately we ran into a problem straight away on Monday morning.

Naly was a little sick on Sunday, she throw up her milk once in the morning, but was fine at lunch and dinner. Ryan had forgot to zip up her grobag the night before, I assumed she might have catched a little chill in her tummy.

I thought I’d mentioned this to the nursery so they could keep an eye on her during the day. Little did I know they have a 48hrs policy that a sick child had to be kept away in case it’s a tummy bug.

So we were refused an entry on the first day!

Not great but I can understand their reason.

I had just started at a new company for my contract work, it was nice enough for them to let me leave early at 5pm to collect Naly from nursery, so when I had to call them on my first day to ask them if I could work from home it was a little awkward.

Luckily the HR lady was really nice, she told me it was ok. Naly was fine all day, she even played on her own most of the day so I could get on with some work.

Next day Naly was allowed in, horray!

I was quite busy all day so the day went past very fast. Before I knew it, it was time to go pick Naly up from the nursery. The staff told me Naly had been quite teary in the morning, they said this was normal on the first couple of weeks when children start nursery. They are unsure of the new environment and miss their parents. Other than that, she had been fine.

As soon as Naly saw me, she burst into tears, she gave me the biggest hug and buried her little head into my chest and wiped her tears and runny nose all over my top.

The next day went well. But in the evening when I gave her milk before bed. I noticed she felt quite hot. I took her temperature and it was 39°C!

A baby’s normal temperature should be between 36 to 36.8°C, so I was quite alarmed. I quickly gave her some calpol, and waited for her temperature to drop.

Luckily after 30mins, her temperature started to drop. I kept her in my bed that night, giving her lots of water. Her temperature did go up again during the night, so I had to give her more calpol.

By the morning, Naly seemed fine, I would’ve liked to kept her at home, but I couldn’t work from home again for the second day that week. And with Ryan being away and my parents far away. I had no choice but take her to nursery.

I dropped Naly off with a heavy heart, as I kissed her goodbye I crossed my fingers that she would be ok that day. She probably just picked something up at the nursery, hopefully nothing serious.

The day went past smoothly, no phone calls from nursery thank goodness! When I picked her up, the staff said she had been ok, seemed a bit tired but not too bad that day. I sighed with relief.

It has been a real test this week coping with it all alone! Somehow I managed it. It is worrying when the little ones get ill, because it can be a million things, you just don’t know if it’s serious or not.

I’m hoping each time Naly gets ill, her immune system will build up and she will get stronger each time. Working and looking after a (sick) baby feels really different, it’s a challenge!

It’s physically and mentally exhausting, but I think it’s best to keep a cool head, not to panic and talk to NHS direct or your doctor if you are worried about anything.


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