Beauty buy: Dr. Bronner’s green tea magic soap

Published by Abby Driver
Published on 31 July 2012

Dr. Bronners magic soap is as versatile as its celebrity fans, everyone from eco-warrior Gwenyth Paltrow to king of the raps Eminem loves this stuff.

Beauty buy: Dr. Bronner’s green tea magic soap

dr bronners magic soap You can use it to clean your body, hair, mouth and teeth. Or as a laundry detergent. You can use it to clean your house. You can even use it to scrub your vegetables clean. You get the picture…

And now, for the first time in three years, the brand is launching a new soap of the green tea variety.

Why green tea? Well it contains more antioxidant properties than vitamin A, C and E combined and has been used to fight blemishes, breakouts and reduce redness whilst soothing any irritation for years.

The soap (available as a bar or liquid) is Fairtrade and made with organic oils and natural green tea extracts.

All the soaps in the range are free from synthetic foaming agents and other harsh chemicals. To top it off, they donate between 30-70% of profit to charity every year. Aww!

Dr. Bronners green tea magic soap

RRP: £5.49 per236ml

Available from Lucy Rose

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