Nicola Adams makes Olympic history with women's boxing gold

Published by Victoria Turk
Published on 9 August 2012

Nicola Adams has been a star in our eyes ever since it was announced she'd be representing Team GB in the women's boxing - in the very first year the sport has been part of the Olympic Games.

Nicola Adams makes Olympic history with women's boxing gold

rexfeatures © Rex But now, she's set to be an international sports superstar, having won the first women's boxing gold Olympic medal ever.

Way to go, Nicola!

The 29-year-old from Leeds stormed to success in the Olympic flyweight final against China's Ren Cancan on Thursday, August 9.

While her Chinese opponent is a three-time world champion and was the number one seed, Adams dominated throughout the match for a convincing win.

Toward the end, as Adams' blows continued to rain down on Cancan, spectators were in no doubt that she was headed for the historical Olympic gold.

After four rounds, she won with a margin of 16 points to 7 and was met with a much-deserved standing ovation as the referee held her arm in the air and declared her the winner.

She beamed and jumped up and down, and was greeted with a friendly pat on the back from her opponent.

It's a true victory - not only for Nicola Adams and for team GB, but for women across the world who can now follow in her footsteps as Olympic boxers.

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