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Personal finance - debt awareness

Published on 12 June 2011

Debt awareness might seem like an odd term, if you've got creditcard debt, chances are you know about it!

In fact it's probably occupying your thoughts quite a lot each day...

But debt awareness is more than just worrying about it, it's knowing how you got there and what you can do to get out of debt.

If you've got credit card debt My Debt Cruncher says nows the time to get shot of it for good!

To help you towards debt awareness, we've come up with The Seven Deadly Sins of Credit Card Companies to help you avoid the pitfalls of borrowing money.

“Worrying about finances is depressing and terrifying,” comments Tracy Ebdon-Poole, Chief Executive of TaxCalc, makers of MyDebtCruncher.

“Many people choose to ignore their credit card statements when they land on the doormat each month and bury their heads in the sand in the hope that it will all go away. But as each day passes and interest payments grow, getting on top of debt can be a real struggle and the whole process is not only a vicious circle, but totally soul destroying”

Companies such as MyDebtCruncher may be able to help: they offer a low-cost, effective solution to help those with credit card debt to move toward debt free status and understand the danger of making “minimum payments” only (2 million of us do this each month).

If a minimum payment is £112.50 for the first month and the credit card owner sticks with minimum payments, it will take more than 62 years to pay off the debt, but if that person increases their minimum payment by just £7.50, they can reduce that period to an incredible six years and six months.

Take action today - it's never to late to get yourself out of credit card debt and the first step is getting some sound advice!

Get help with debt awareness:

My Debt Cruncher
Debt Free Direct
National Debt Line
Managing Debt (government help site)