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The cat and the home
Cats symbolise women's instinct for homemaking and sense of space. They can also be seen as the protector of the home, representing security and comfort, either physical or emotional. If a cat appears in your dreams in a house, it is a sign of calm and peace, but it may also mean that you need a space of your own own, where you can be yourself. Although this is a very feminine symbol, it can be applied to men as well.
Back cat, white cat
A black cat is a sign of destiny, which can often mean that something bad is about to happen. However, it can also be interpreted as sign that the dreamer should return home, or take time to be themselves - maybe they need to feel safe and secure. It also shows a need to withdraw into oneself and spend some quiet time thinking, or relaxing.
A white cat, on the other hand, indicates something good is about to happen, maybe a baby is about to be born. For a woman, it can signal a deeper understanding of her feminity and for a man, a deeper understanding of themselves.
The aggressive cat
Seeing a nasty cat in a dream, means that the dreamer has a lot of built-up tension and may have ignored certain instincts or feelings, and is now feeling frustrated. This could even be the reason behind a recent illness or disease. Maybe someone you know is hiding their true feelings towards you. Be careful, but remember that it will pass.
The dead cat
A dead cat in a dream usually means that the dreamer is neglecting parts of themselves. This may be physical, meaning that you are not looking after your health properly, or mental, meaning that you are not taking enough notice of your feelings. Ask yourself some serious questions, you have a real need for security at the moment.

Latest… 29/05/2015
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