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Christian Bale

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Date of birth: 30/01/1974
Age: 40
Occupation: Film actor

Christian Bale biography

Christian Bale is most widely known for playing Batman in the most recent Batman films and Patrick Bateman in the cult film “American Psycho” (2000).

Following the film, he was voted “Sexiest Man Under the Age of 30” by Premiere Magazine. He is an Academy Award winning actor, with a passion for being involved in charity work.

Christian Bale was born 30 January 1974 in Haverfondwest, Wales. He spent his childhood with his parents and three older sisters in England, Portugal and California.

Bale is from an acting background.

His mother is a former circus dancer and his grandfather doubled as John Wayne in two of his films. His eldest sister is an actress and it was his sister who inspired him to pursue a career in acting.

He is married to Sandra “Sibi” Blazic. The couple have one daughter, Emmeline Bale, who was born in March 2005.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Bale is involved in charity work and is active with Greenpeace, WWF and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

Christian Bale first appeared on our TV screens at the age of 9 in an advert for cereals. He made several further television appearances before landing the role, which would launch his career; that of Jim Graham in Steven Spielberg’s WWII film “Empire of the Sun” (1987).

His performance, confidence and maturity were very impressive and earned him the award for “Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor” from the National Board of Review, with the award having been created especially for his role in the film.

In 1989, he was approached by Kenneth Branagh to play a supporting role in Branagh’s adaption of William Shakespeare’s “Henry V”.

The following year he starred as “Jim Hawkins” alongside Charlton Heston in Fraser Clarke Heston’s adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island”. His next big role was that of “Laurie” in “Little Women” (1994), for which he was handpicked by Winona Ryder.

In 1994 Bale decided to study dramatic art and was offered places at RADA, LAMDA and the Central School of Speech and Drama. However, his parents advised him to continue working and he has never regretted this decision for one minute.

It was in 2000 that he gained cult actor status for his starring role in the film American Psycho” where he played “Patrick Bateman”, a wealthy Wall Street banker, who kills for no reason.

He won an Empire Film Award for “Best Actor” for his stunning performance in the film. In the same year, he starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the film “Shaft”.

In 2001 he starred alongside Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz in “Capitain Corelli’s Mandolin”, where he plays Cruz’s lover who goes off to war before Germany invades the small Greek Island.

However, he was no match for the Italian soldier (Nicholas Cage) with his Mandolin to whom he lost the love of his life.

In 2004, Bale starred in the thriller “The Machinist”, where he played an industrial worker, suffering from insomnia, who is taunted by a co-worker, who nobody thinks exists.

Two women eventually get embroiled in his insanity, with potentially devastating consequences.

Fresh from having filmed “The Machinist”, in 2005 Bale replaced Chris O’Donnell as “Batman” for the film “Batman Begins”.

He went on to film The Dark Knight” (2008) and has just finished filming “The Dark Knight Rises”, due to be released this year.

In 2009 he starred in the action film “Terminator Salvation”, where he plays one of the survivors of a “Skynet’s” nuclear mass murder, who tries to prevent the machines from finishing what they started.

In the same year he starred alongside the gorgeous Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum in “Public Enemies” and Mark Wahlberg in “The Fighter”, a story about two brothers, one a boxer (played by Mark Wahlberg) and his brother (played by Christian Bale), who takes on the role of his trainer.

Bale won the Oscar for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role” for his performance in the film.

Christian Bale is going to return to the big screen for the latest Batman film this year. In 2013, he is also set to star in “Lawless” and “Knight of Cups” alongside the lovely Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett.

Bale definitely ticks all the boxes.

A family man, with a successful career and is actively involved in charity work....with looks in abundance. We look forward to seeing him don his cape again later this year!
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