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LeapFrog introduces LeapPad Explorer tablet for kids

Gemma Kayim
By Gemma Kayim Published on 26 August 2011

If you’re tired of sticky fingers on you ipad, then it’s time to buy your kids the next best thing.

LeapFrog introduces LeapPad Explorer tablet for kids

Yes it’s extravagant but whenever there’s a tech heavy gift for kids, with educational benefits, we’re always interested. Especially if it’s a toy that is guaranteed to keep the kids busy for hours - giving us some peace and quiet.

So were were pretty excited to hear about the world’s first children’s learning device LeapPad Explorer which mirrors popular adult tablets. It takes to the shelves this month, and is set to be top of every family’s Christmas list this year.

The unique tablet is specially designed for children aged four and upwards and has been created by the educational toy brand LeapFrog.

Children will be able to experience a new way of learning and playing combined, as the tablet mixes the latest technology with an enhanced educational curriculum. We think it’s pretty snazzy - your little ones will certainly love you for it!

Entertaining characters guide children through their reading, spelling, maths, creativity, science, music, world languages and much more, so you can be rest assured that the LeapPad Explorer will fuel their mind and development while taking their eyes off your own beautiful tablet.

This new handheld product is ideal for parents who want to stimulate their children, but best of all it allows parents to directly share their little ones masterpieces with family and friends via email or Facebook.

Robert Dekker, Senior Marketing Director for LeapFrog EMEA and Australasia, commented: “LeapPad offers kids the ability to create their own personalised experiences and have fun while learning at their own pace and we are thrilled that this highly anticipated device has now hit the shelves.

"We are confident that LeapPad’s apps will inspire kids to explore their inner creativity. Whether doodling on photos taken with the built-in camera, customising their artwork in the Story Studio, or bringing their favourite characters to life with the Animation Studio, there is truly something for every child.”

Sounds pretty darn good doesn’t it?

LeapFrog LeapPad, £79.99, available from LeapFrog

by Gemma Kayim