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Top 100 Boys Names


 - Top 100 Boys Names

The Top 100 Boys Names | Baby boy names

No. Name Meaning  Alternative
1 Harry Old German: "home ruler" Harold, Henry, Hal
2 Oliver olive tree Olly, Olivio, Olivier
3 Jack Old English: "God is gracious" John, Jacob, Jacques
4 Alfie Elf, magical council Alphonse, Alfred, Alvin
5 Charlie Old German: "free man" Charles, Charly
6 Thomas Aramaic: "twin" Tom, Tommy, Thompson
7 Jacob Hebrew: "he who supplants" Jake, Jim, Jakob
8 James Hebrew: "he who supplants" Jamie, Jim, Jacob, Jimmy
9 Joshua Hebrew: "Jehovah is salvation" Josh, Jesse, Zacha
10 William Old German: "helmet" or "protection" Bill, Billy, Willie, Wilson
11 Ethan Hebrew: "firmness" or "long-lived" Aiden, Eidan, Eton
12 George Greek: "farmer" Jordan, Gregor
13 Riley Old English: "rye clearing" Risley, Roley, Ridley
14 Daniel Hebrew: "God is my judge" Dan, Danny, Donnel
15 Samuel Hebrew: "God heard" Sam, Sammy, Samwell
16 Noah Hebrew: "peaceful" Noe, Norrie, Noel
17 Oscar Old English: "spear of the gods" Ozzy, Isachar, Oskar
18 Joseph Hebrew: "God will increase" Seph, Joe, Jose
19 Mohammed praiseworthy Muhammed, Mohammad, Mo
20 Max Latin: "greatest" Maximus, Maxwell, Maxime, Maximilian
21 Dylan Welsh: "son of the sea" Dillon, Dillan, Taylan
22 Muhammad praiseworthy Mahmood, Hamid, Hammad, Mehmud
23 Alexander Greek: "man's defender" or "warrior" Alex, Alec, Al, Ally
24 Archie genuine, bold, brave Archibald, Arnold, Archer
25 Benjamin son of the right hand Ben, Benjie, Benny
26 Lucas Greek: "from Lucanus" Lucius, Luke, Lex
27 Leo Latin: "lion" Lee, Leon, Lyon
28 Henry Old German: "home ruler" Henri, Henryk, Rick, Enrico
29 Jake Hebrew: "he who supplants" Jacob, Jacques, Jack
30 Logan Gaelic: "hollow" Lucan, Logen
31 Tyler Old English: "worker in roof tiles" Ty, Tylor, Taylor, Tay
32 Jayden Hebrew: "thankful" or "God will judge" Hayden, Jaden, Jadon
33 Isaac Hebrew: "laughter" Zack, Zachary, Isa
34 Finley Irish: "fair-haired courageous one" Finley, Finn, Lee
35 Mason Old English: "one who works with stone" Jason, Carson, Marlon
36 Ryan Gaelic: "king" Roan, Rian, Royan
37 Harrison Old English: "son of Harry" Harris, Harry, Sonny
38 Adam Hebrew: "earth" Addison, Addy, Adan
39 Lewis Old English: "renowned fighter" Louis, Lew, Luis
40 Edward Old English: "wealthy guard" Ed, Eddie, Eddard
41 Luke Greek: "from Lucanus" Lucian, Lucius, Luke
42 Freddie Old English: "elf" or "magical council" Fred, Alfred, Al
43 Matthew Hebrew: "gift of God" Matt, Mattie, Matthias
44 Liam Old German: "helmet" or "protection" Lem, Lee
45 Zachary Hebrew: "the Lord recalled" Zack, Zeke, Jacob
46 Callum dove Calum, Cal, Comumba
47 Sebastian Greek: "revered" Seb, Bastian
48 Connor Irish: "hound lover" Conor, Conroy, Con
49 Jamie Latin: "he who supplants" James, Jacob, Jayme
50 Theo Greek: "brave people" or "God's gift" Theodore, Theobald
51 Toby Hebrew: "God is good" Tobias, Tab
52 Harvey eager for battle, strong, worthy Harv, Herve, Mervin
53 Michael Hebrew: "he who resembles God" Mica, Mike, Mick
54 Nathan Hebrew: "God has given" Nate, Nathaniel
55 Harley Old English: "hare meadow" or "the long field" Arleigh, Leigh, Lee, Harlow
56 Kai keeper of the keys, earth, the sea Kye, Kay, Cai
57 David beloved Dawson, Davion, Dave
58 Aaron Hebrew: "mountain of strength" Aragon, Ronnie, Ron
59 Alex Greek: "man's defender" or "warrior" Alexander, Lex, Al,
60 Charles manly Charlie, Charleson
61 Aiden fire Aidan, Dan, Arden
62 Leon Latin: "lion" Leo, Lyon, Lee
63 Mohammad praiseworthy Mo, Muhammed, Hamid
64 Luca Greek: "from Lucanus" Lucas, Lucius, Luke
65 Tommy Aramaic: "twin" Tom, Thomas
66 Finlay hero Finn, Finley
67 Jenson son of Jan, God is gracious John, Jonathan, Jens
68 Arthur bear, stone Artie, Archie, Art
69 Louis famous warrior Lewis, Clovis, Ludwig
70 Rhys Welsh: "enthusiasm" Reece, Russ, Ross
71 Owen born of yew, youth Eugene, Eoghan
72 Reuben vision of the son Reubey
73 Ollie Latin: "olive tree" Oliver, Olivier, Billie
74 Louie famous warrior Lewis, Lewison
75 Gabriel Hebrew: "God's able-bodied one" Gabi, Gable, Gabe
76 Bobby bright fame Robert, Bob, Bert
77 Cameron crooked nose Cam, Ron
78 Dexter right-handed, fortunate, one who dyes Dex, Dexton, Dexy
79 Blake Old English: "black", "pale", or "white" Blakely, Blakeman, Black
80 Stanley Old English: "stony meadow" Stan, Stanlee, Stanislas
81 Kian ancient, God is gracious Khan, Gian, Kiran
82 Evan God is gracious, born of yew, youth, rock, good messenger Iefan, Euan, Ivan
83 Jude Greek: "praised" Judd, Judson
84 Frankie Latin: "frenchman" or "free man" Francis, Frank, Franklin
85 Eliot My God is the Lord Elijah, Eliot, Eli
86 Hayden Old English: "hedged valley" Caden, Denny
87 Ashton Old English: "ash tree town" Aston, Ash, Ashley
88 Joel Hebrew: "Jehovah is the Lord" Jael, Yael, Joseph, Joe
89 Caleb Hebrew: "faith", "devotion", "whole hearted" Cale, Kaleb, Carl
90 Bailey Old English: "berry clearing", "bailiff" or "city fortification" Bayley, Lee, Billy
91 Elijah My God is the Lord Eli, Elie, Ely
92 Taylor tailor, to cut Taylan, Tailer, Tay
93 Robert fame-bright Rob, Bob, Bobbie
94 Kayden round, gentle, cask, companion Kay, Kaden, Hayden
95 Kyle Gaelic: "narrow" or "straight" Kye, Kai, Kale
96 Frederick peaceful ruler, peace, power Fred, Freddie, Frank
97 Ben Hebrew: "son of the right hand", "son of the south", "son of my old age" Benjy, Benjamin, Bill
98 Reece Welsh: "enthusiasm" Rhys, Ross, Roland
99 Jackson Old English: "God is gracious" Jack, Jacques, Jackie
100 John Hebrew: "God is gracious" Jan, Jonathan, Jonny

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