Contraception choices: Do you know your options?

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Contraception choices: Do you know your options?

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Contraception confusion
Last minute decision? Go with the condoms © Hermera - Contraception choices: Do you know your options?
Last minute decision? Go with the condoms © Hermera

A recent study has found that women are under informed when it comes to their contraceptive choices, talking about this issue with their GP for under 10 minutes a year, despite the fact that contraception is something which affects us all.

Whereas we might be capable, multi talented women there are still some things which get our knickers in a twist - and that includes talking about contraception to our GP, our partners or even our mums. According to research by Bayer Healthcare, 25% of us would prefer to discuss contraception with our friends rather than a healthcare professional.

As a consequence we're not clued up on which contraceptive methods are best suited to us as individuals.

Dr Tina Peers, Consultant in Contraception and Sexual Health says, ' There is more choice than ever for women of all ages...but research shows that there is a lot of confusion about contraception, such as the lack of knowledge between oestrogen and progestogen hormones and their respective benefits, as well as misconceptions about the supposed need for a "holiday" from the Pill, for which there is no evidence.'

It seems we need to take control over our contraception choices and start getting clued up about what the benefits are of each method.

Dr Peers continues, 'Women need to think about their lifestyle needs, for instance if they want an oral pill which can help with monthly bloating, acne or heavy bleeding they could try Yasmin'. There are advantages to different methods of contraception and your contraceptive choice ought to fit with your lifestyle.

If you hate needles, then the injection might not be for you, but the contraceptive Patch or the Pill may suit you fine. Unsurprisingly many of us turn to the internet for information and advice on contraception, using comprehensive sites such as or discussing our experiences with friends.

Pscychologist Dr Linda Papadopolous comments, 'Women think and talk about sex a lot but it's clear that contraception is still a secondary concern for many. It's essential this trend is addressed as ultimately unplanned pregnancy rates will fall'.

Twenty two per cent of women use no contraception at all -unsurprising seeing as 10% find talking to their GP about contraception as nerve wracking as a trip to the dentist's chair, but it needn't be a trauma, as Contraception Expert Dr Caroline Cooper says, the right contraception can 'totally transform your life and is not only one less thing to worry about but will allow you to enjoy sex more too.'

Sounds good to us.

For more information check out these contraception guides on
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