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Coronation Street 30/09 - 06/10 Nathan Is Determined To Sabotage The Court Case

Lareese Craig
By Lareese Craig Published on 26 September 2017

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Saturday 30th September - Friday 6th October.


Nathan is determined to sabotage the court case. Nathan phones Mel and, promising her they will be together when it is over, tells her to do whatever she can to stop Bethany getting to the court to give evidence. Pretending she is going to the police Mel gets Bethany to accompany her to the station but instead stops the car by some railway tracks and grabs her by the hair dragging her towards the tracks. Craig is called out to a fatality at the railway sidings where he finds a necklace identical to Bethany’s, what has happened, has she managed to escape Mel’s clutches? Meanwhile with no sign of Bethany at the court Nathan’s barrister is sure things will go his way. Will Nathan and his gang pay for what they have done?

Anna discovers Seb's true fears. Anna calls at Seb’s house with groceries. His mum Abi seizes the opportunity to head upstairs with a bottle of vodka, leaving Anna stuck in charge of the twins. Seb arrives home to find Anna and Abi mid-argument. As his mum slopes off, Seb snaps at Anna to be grateful she’s merely drunk rather than high on heroin. Anna’s shocked to learn that Abi’s an addict. Tim wants Anna to call social services but Anna is torn and decides Seb needs her help. Meanwhile Faye is suspicious when she finds Anna’s purse in Seb’s pocket. Unaware that Anna dropped it at the house Faye accuses Seb of stealing it.

Daniel realises there's a story behind Phelan. Daniel’s downcast that his editor only tasks him with reporting tedious local events and yearns for a meatier story. So when Yasmeen makes digs at Phelan about Vinny and the Calcutta Street flats scam, Daniel’s ears prick up. Impressed with the story details Cindy tells Daniel to keep digging. Having been to tend to Andy, Phelan is shocked when Daniel turns up at the house. As Daniel quizzes him about Michael, Phelan asks Daniel to leave but a mention of Anna sets Daniel off on a new lead. As he quizzes first Anna then Todd he smells a story but when Phelan follows Daniel to a nursing home he is shocked by what he finds. Meanwhile impressed editor Cindy sees Daniel in a new light becoming flirtatious. Elsewhere unable to face the prospect of being Phelan’s hostage any longer, Andy stockpiles paracetamol, planning a suicide attempt.

Eva finds comfort with Adam. Adam calls on Eva at the flat with some whiskey, determined to cheer her up. As they get tipsy together, Eva’s taken aback when Adam admits he’s fallen for her in a big way. Eva pulls him in for a passionate kiss. Adam’s euphoric following his night with Eva but does she feel the same way?

Elsewhere, ​Shona’s unnerved when Dane (Clayton’s dad) calls into the café and demands her scratch card winnings. Will Rita agree to have her surgery? Eager to escape the memory of his night with Nicola Gary books the family a trip to Milan. Fiz is angry when Beth exploits Hope’s cancer battle to raise awareness for a crowdfunding page the factory girls are setting up to start a new business.

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by Lareese Craig

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