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Breast reduction | What is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction - Breast reduction | What is a breast reduction?
Breast reduction
Breast reduction

aka: mammoplasty reduction, reduction mammoplasty, boob reduction

What is it a breast reduction?

The removal of excess breast tissue through cuts on the lower part of the breasts and moving the nipples to suit the new shape.

What to expect?

Breast reduction is a three hour operation under general anesthetic. After surgery your skin will be re-shaped and the cuts closed with stitches, (usually dissolvable).

Your breasts will be wrapped in a special supportive dressing or support bra. Fine plastic tubes may be left in each breast for up to 48 hours afterwards.

These allow blood and fluids from your breast to drain into a bag. A fortnight off work is recommended and you’ll probably need help with the housework too. Smokers beware - you have to be nicotine-free for at least one month before the procedure since nicotine can hamper the healing process.

How much does a breast reduction cost?

£5,500 to £6,000 all inclusive (surgery, anesthetic, hospital and post surgery visits)

Risks and side effects

As with all surgery, rare but possible complications include infection, bleeding or reaction to anesthesia.

Numbness and loss of sensation is a common side effect, and in particularly large breasts this may be permanent.

Permanent scarring is an unavoidable side effect of breast reduction surgery, with the vertical and horizontal scars most visible. Smoking impairs the healing process and should be stopped at least two weeks before surgery.

Breast asymmetry is a possible side effect, although less common with an experienced surgeon.

Breast feeding is normally possible after surgery but can occasionally be made more difficult.

Breast reducation: Expert Opinion

Mr Rajiv Grover, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Secretary of BAAPS

“I feel that four factors determine a natural looking breast: shape, lift and harmony with the rest of the body as well as size. This is a form of surgery where both technical ability and artistic sense are crucial. It’s possible to make breasts small and shapeless but to make them feminine means shaping the smaller breast mound so that it has a pert shape with good projection which lifts the nipple and is in harmony with the curves of the rest of the body.

Ask your surgeon:

What kind of scars will I be left with?

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