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Cosmetic surgery: Government launches review

Victoria Turk
By Victoria Turk Published on 15 August 2012

On August 15, the government announced a review into the cosmetic surgery and procedures industry, following the PIP breast implant scandal that shocked patients and health officials alike last year.

Cosmetic surgery government launches review after PIP scandal

cosmetic surgery review Health secretary Andrew Lansley has put NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh in charge of the review, which will look at the safety of cosmetic procedures - and they want YOUR help.

Bruce Keogh is asking the public to share their views and experiences by answering questions on the cosmetic industry, covering everything from boob jobs to dermal fillers to laser hair removal.

You can give your opinions by completing the review committee's form. It's a pretty in-depth survey, but sharing your ideas could help the committee to come up with new ways of making sure patients get the best care.

They want you to help them explore how to ensure that practitioners are sufficiently qualified, monitor aftercare treatment, help people make an informed choice about their surgery, and deal with complaints.

"We want to hear views from everyone, particularly people who have experience of the cosmetic surgery industry or of other cosmetic interventions - good and bad - so we can learn what works best," said Bruce Keogh in a Department of Health press release.

It's a big job, but we think it's high time someone started it!

cosmetic surgery review As well as concerns raised by the PIP scandal, in which thousands of women found out their breast implants had been filled with substandard silicone, the review comes after a Department of Health survey that found many people were more concerned about the cost of their procedure than their own safety.

Out of 1,762 people, over two thirds said that cost was a consideration when deciding to have a cosmetic procedure.

But only a half said they took their practitioner's qualifications into account, and less than half considered the quality of their aftercare.

We think that's pretty shocking! If you're thinking of having cosmetic surgery, make sure you're well aware of the risks and have done your research into these safety aspects.

After all, a bad job won't save you any money as you're more likely to need follow-up care or even another round of surgery.

“I am concerned that too many people do not realise how serious cosmetic surgery is and do not consider the life-long implications - and potential complications - it can have," Bruce Keogh announced.

"That’s why I have put together this Review Committee to advise me in making recommendations to Government on how we can better protect people who choose to have surgery or cosmetic interventions."

If you want to talk to others about your cosmetic surgery experiences then you can also head to the sofeminine cosmetic surgery forum where you can discuss all sorts of procedures. You can also check out our surgery pages for more information on how to make an informed choice.

by Victoria Turk

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