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Macrolane breast shaping

Macrolane breast shaping - Macrolane breast shaping
Macrolane breast shaping
Macrolane Breast Shaping

aka: breast enhancement injections, injectable boob job

What is Macrolane breast shaping?

The non-surgical answer to a boob job, Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid based filler for body shaping.

It’s a much simpler procedure than standard breast implants and is used to enhance cup size and shape breasts; it can boost cup size by 1.5.

What to expect from Macrolane Breast Shaping?

Macrolane breast shaping is a walk-in, walk-out one to two hour procedure with immediate results.

A local anesthetic is applied to the breast, and 100-150mls of Macrolane are injected via a canula into the incision site. The practioner will then manipulate the substance inside your breast to achieve the enhanced shape.

Breasts are likely to be very sore afterwards and patients shouldn't exercise or physically exert themselves for at least two weeks after the procedure.

Cost of Macrolane?

From £3,000 for an initial treatment of 100mls for each breast, and around £1,500 for top-up treatments.

Risks and side effects

Macrolane breast shaping, aka the boob jab, has minor side effects including mild swelling, bruising or tenderness, which resolve in around a week.

Cosmetic surgeon, Mr Azhar Aslam of The Linia Clinic, points out that the expertise of the practitioner is crucial - and you do have to be an ideal candidate for macrolane to avoid post procedure complications.

Encapsualtion is also possible with macrolane as your body can reject the foreign material and react.

One of the biggest risk of macrolane is non-medical - if you fall in love with your new bosom, you’ll have to find £2,000 every year to 18 months to keep them perky!

Expert Opinion
Dr Ayoubi, Medical Director of The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

“Macrolane breast shaping is a straightforward cosmetic procedure but should be carried out by a qualified, experienced surgeon.

I recommend patients do not take aspirin for one week before the procedure as it thins blood which can increase bleeding. I also suggest they don't exercise for a week or two after treatment as it can increase bruising.

Check your surgeon’s profile and look at similar procedures he or she has carried out to see what the results are like. The more experience the better!”

Expert Opinion

Mr Azhar Aslam, Cosmetic surgeon, The Linia Clinic

“In this procedure the expertise of the practitioner is crucial and anybody at risk of bleeding, allergic to Marcolane or its components, or who has extremely thin skin and/or breast tissue, very flat small breasts or any previous history of diseased breasts should not have the procedure.

There are alternatives to consider - from exercise to breast augmentation and uplifts. Breast augmentation would be the superior procedure with little extra added cost. People who choose to have Macrolane are generally either worried about breast implants or the anesthetic.

However, breast implants can be performed under Local Anaesthetic or Twilight Sedation and the patient can be quickly discharged within a few hours and resume light activity within a few days.”

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