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PIP implant failure rate is examined by UK Government

By The editorial team Published on 4 January 2012

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has given UK cosmetic practices until 4th January 2012 to provide the government with accurate information on the failure rate of the decommissioned French-made PIP implants.

PIP implant failure rate is examined by UK Government

The government, alongside the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the NHS are reviewing the rupture rate of PIP implants to ensure appropriate action is taken to ensure the safety of those affected by the poor quality implants.

Cosmetic clinic Transform has confirmed that it has recorded a 7% failure rate of PIP implants which use industrial grade silicone rather than medical grade. Transform fitted 108 of these implants before 2005 when it stopped using them.

Other companies who used the implants such as The Harley Medical Group, Spire Healthcare, BMI hospitals and The Hospital Group have also submitted data to the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS).

IHAS director Sally Taber told the BBC that following the preliminary audit PIP implants performed within the industry standard with a 1-2% failure rate.

Britain's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency are also currently claiming that, in the UK, figures show PIP implants have a 1% failure rate which is in line with other implants, however in France the health safety agency say the implants have a 5% failure rate.

Lansley maintains that the advice given to women in the UK before Christmas still stands. Women with PIP implants should seek advice from the clinic or surgeon who fitted them if they're worried but routine removal of the implants has not been deemed appropriate.

“The question really comes down to the extent to which these implants fail relative to normal implants and the relative risks of their removal compared to the risk of having an operation,” Lansley told BBC radio last week.

Lansley was insisted that anyone worried should be able to find out the details of their implants free of charge.

"I want every woman to be supported by the provider who treated them," he said.

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