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Apple yogurts

By The editorial team Published on 21 March 2011

Yummy! Activia are really spoling us. They've launched delicious new Apple Activia yogurts and they are divine.

Apparently eating Activia every day can help to reduce digestive discomfort. Unfortunately we only experience this when we've over eaten and alas having a yogurt after a massive slap-up meal is NOT the cure for that.

They've also just released a caramel version, Activia Intensley Creamy Caramel but we weren't so keen. It is only 3% fat though... can't argue with that.

Activia Apple - £1.68 for 4 (Ocado)
ctivia Intensley Creamy Caramel - £1.90 for 4 (Ocado)

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