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Profile: Chrononutrition Diet


 - Profile: Chrononutrition Diet
Your lifestyle: Your N°1 enemy is time. You're very active and sometimes a bit stressed out.

You spend a lot of time running about to get to work, go to appointments, see your friends, hang out at the party of the century... with these conditions, it's difficult to find time to cook.

Your dietary profile: You like good substantial foods and wouldn't turn down a plateful of vegetables or a hearty soup.

But in the morning, you don't eat fruit or dairy products, instead you tend to rely on coffee to keep you going.

At lunch time, you're often tempted by the easiest solution: a shop-bought sandwich or salad.

In the evening, you like to drink a glass of wine or share some bar snacks with friends.

Your goal: To lose a few pounds without having to cook or go to the shops, and you still want to eat out in restaurants regularly.

The diet for you: Chrononutrition. This diet is based on the body's hormonal and biological rhythm.

Its principle? You can eat anything, just not at any time of the day. It's a made-to-measure diet for active women who don't want the frustration of a classic diet.

What to eat
Nutritionist Patrick Leconte offers this advice:

> "In the morning, the body makes cholesterol so you should eat fatty substances such as cheese or butter with wholemeal bread. You should avoid fast carbohydrates, which are better absorbed in the afternoon but tea and coffee are alright, as long as they're taken without sugar!

> At lunch time, a plate of pasta or meat is ideal. Starchy foods are allowed, but not in the evening. An afternoon snack is compulsory because it nicely breaks up the afternoon. Fresh and dried fruits, sorbets and dark chocolate are all good options.

> In the evening, avoid soup which can lead to cellulite! Instead, go for chicken or other white meats with vegetables or shellfish. And don't forget: the body is allowed two treats a week."

Read more here about the Chrononutrition Diet.

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